Assigment 1 – Observation Theory and its application

Abhazlar_abazinler_kimdir3Observation in Marketing Research lies on many viewpoints; rationalist viewpoint lies in direct opposition to the empiricist viewpoint of those such as John Locke, Francis Bacon and later the logical positivists, such as Rudolf Carnap, that the only knowledge we can have must be that which we can directly observe. Another rationalism-empiricism debate is physicsts’ approach to string theory. In social science, however is accepted in general terms,but the debate continues around foloowing three issues: exactly what the “social world” is and what we can know about it; how we should obtain formation about this world; and the role of a priori theory in shaping our empirical processes.Observation Theory and its applications için Tıklayınız!

Observation Theory – The past, present and future of Observation için Tıklayınız!

Observation Application – How Turkey’s Abkhaz Community için Tıklayınız!

Observation Theory & Application – Abkhaz Community sunum için Tıklayınız!

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